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Innovative swappable glass

 Innovative Glass company has dream up the this amazing automation to life.Instead of blinds and curtains these switchable glass will maintain your privacy 


These ingenious glass products are swappable that can switch between opaque and transparent with just a finger touch on the button.LC  Privacy Glass, one of their creation is a tuner and an electrical activator that can switch to transparent and pearly white with a push button. 


 SPD SmartGlass is their another entity that has the ability to adjust the amount of light going through windows from light blue to dark blue. This glass offers you more perks with its ability to hold back  heat and light entering the room with its opaque state.

Another product is Solar smart glass that works with sunlight like brightness and location of the sun. And they doesn't  require support of wires they are directed by the warmth of the sun.

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