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What happened to world's first face transplanted women?

Isabelle Dinoire is a French woman who got the title of the world’s first partial face transplant.



 She was 38 when she was attacked by her own pet Labrador, her nose, chin and lips were badly distorted by the dog. So, she urged to get her face transplanted in 2005 by doctors of Amiens hospital after a 15-hours  long-halted operation. 




She was happy to see her new face, like she was born again with a new face identification, “I have a face like everyone else,” she said even though, she got a new facial thing but was suffering from kidney and lung infections. 


But the saddest news is that she died at age of 49, after 10 years of her face surgery, doctors says that face transplant may not only be the reason of her death as she had a body of lung and kidney diseases.

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